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The Royale-Group of Companies to acquire XYCLOPES for $6M

The Royale-Group of Companies to acquire XYCLOPES for $6M The health and tech giant is buying millions of dollars of cash — totaling $6,242,009 — to buy the Intellectual Property of XYCLOPES.…

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How to Negotiate and Keep Customers Happy

Serena Fallahi Tittl Head of Retail for The Gap Partnership has candid conversations with two retail experts about the commercial value of knowing and understanding what customers are thinking. Socrates’ famous pronouncement…

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Lamborghini Family Announces In Supercar History : First NFT Drop

A piece of the history of one of the most iconic brands in the world of supercars: Lamborghini. Owning a Lamborghini car is a dream for many, a reality for some, but…

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Need a Lift? Try Dr. Simon Ourian’s Instant, Non-Surgical Facelift!

Want to feel like a new you? A facelift could be the right option. Dr. Simon Ourian can provide an instant, non-surgical facelift! How? Learn here. Did you know that around 42%…

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Wedding Forward awards Miss To Mrs™ Box Best Overall for 2021-2023 Brides

Wedding Forward has awarded Miss To Mrs™ Box Best Overall for 2021-2023 Brides. Miss To Mrs™ is a bridal subscription box service designed to help couples along their wedding process and bring…

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How Aaron Rian became one of the most successful Real Estate Brokers in the nation

Aaron Rian is an American Business Professional and Active investor based out of Portland, Oregon. In Aarons impressive career, he has successfully grew a company to a 100 million valuation and exited,…

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How Bradley Drake Is Completely Redefining The Luxury Watch Industry

Bradley Drake is the founder of Lux Watch Supply, a company based in the United Kingdom that has spent the last few years putting high-end luxury timepieces on the wrists of his…

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A Workplace for All, OC&C Strategy Consultants

Today’s workforce is increasingly diverse, or rather it is now more openly diverse, as more companies strive to provide an inclusive and safe workplace for employees, regardless of their se-xual orientation, gender…


Samuel Leeds Spills The Beans About Making Six Figures Profit On Property Deals In His Bestselling Book

Samuel Leeds is one of the UK’s most renowned property developers and entrepreneurs who has been making six-figures on big property deals and has a hundred million pounds worth of property development…

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How Bryce Atkas Lit The Ignition Towards ACI Dynamix’s Success

It takes a certain amount of determination and drive to make your passions and dreams a reality. When starting ACI Dynamix, Bryce Atkas had his faith and determination behind him, and now…

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