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How It All Began for Colorful and Popular Instagram Fashion Influencer Lena

If you haven’t already seen her, Lena is an extraordinary Instagram fashion influencer who loves boldness in her fashion style. It’s common to see her wearing vibrant and cheerful hues that create…

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Food Blogger Charisse Yu Makes Incredibly Popular and Unique Videos That Make You Hungry for More

Charisse Yu is a former TV reporter turned food blogger who has struck gold by delivering unique videos showcasing her delicious recipes. Her stop motion style has become something her loyal fans…

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Viral Influencer Alex Smetana Explains How You Can Get Paid for Using Instagram

Alex Smetana knows a thing or two about viral marketing. He’s been in the game for the past five years, and has seen extraordinary success in that time. Today, his collection of…

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Mercurial Mouse Is Every Gamer’s Nerd Girl Celebrity

If you’re a gamer, then you’ve probably heard of Mercurial Mouse. This famous nerd girl celebrity is known for her incredible cosplay and cute style, as well as being an avid gamer.…


4Ever Young With The Solutions to Looking & Feeling Your Best

4Ever Young is an anti-aging solutions company that was founded by Carlton Washington and Deniz Duygulu. Stemming from aspirations to help people make the most of their body and live better, healthier…

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Joshua Brian Newman speaks on the marketing success he has had with his business

Joshua Brian Newman is an entrepreneur who has turned his dreams into a reality with hard work and perseverance. Some of his biggest accomplishments are sales over 500,000 per month, getting his…

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Elias Castro’s Pursuit of the American Dream

“You may not have come from a rich family, but a rich family has to come from you.” Those are the words of Elias Castro. Castro was born in El Salvador but…

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UNiQ Impression by Gabriella Noel

Gabriella Noel started a Social Media Management & Marketing Agency that is making waves around the globe. Managing over 3.5 million followers across all their accounts, no brand is too small or…

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Independent Entrepreneur, Bobby Dee Presents is Making Waves in The Entertainment Business

Being independent can be one of the more challenging tasks while navigating through the business world – even more so in the entertainment industry. “It takes dedication, patience, and perseverance,” Bobby Dee…

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Paying Workers to Stay Home Can Contain Pandemic, Says Biden’s Coronavirus Advisor

President-elect Joe Biden and Dr. Michael Osterholm believe shutting and closing down businesses while paying the people for their lost wages for four to six weeks would help contain the Covid-19 pandemic.…

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Biden’s Campaign Officials Criticize Facebook on How It Handled the Election

Some of the campaign officials from Biden’s camp have criticized and scrutinized how Facebook handled the 2020 elections—implying that the incoming administration will not go easy on the tech giant. Facebook has…

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