Aaron Ware Drops Out of High School and Grows a Business Making $20 Million Annually

Aaron Ware started as an electrician when he was eleven years old, working in his stepfather’s electric company. He dropped out of high school, not completing the eleventh grade. Ware worked in mining and construction for years, and being observant, he noticed men twice his age who were depressed, earning so much with little to show for it. He also noticed that he was put so much time into work, and he missed his friends and important milestones in their lives. 

Wares quickly made up his mind not to end up like the depressed men. Aaron had big dreams of owning his business and worked hard to achieve it. He started mining mentally and waking up at 4 am and working 12 hours after which he came back home and developed himself some more. After working hard, he bought Pedley’s electrical services worth five hundred thousand dollars.

Big dreams require hard work, which he put in willingly at an early age. In the past four years, he has grown his business from half a million to make 20 million annually.

Why Did Aaron Give up His Twenties? 

“Ware said he gave up his twenties so that he could be a millionaire in his thirties. He did not want to be living a normal mainstream life.”

“Ware added that he gave up his twenties so that he could invest in himself and have the rest of his life off.”

The number of hours Ware put into his business cost him his twenties. Aaron started with his best friend as an apprentice, hustling, begging, and calling people to see if anyone needed an electrician. He went all out in search of customers going from door to door looking for contracts. Ware put out a notice for high profile clients looking for big jobs and deals not willing to dream small or settle for little gigs. 

Was It All Smooth Sailing? 

From his blog, “success can kill you,” Ware states that in not subtle terms, he reached a hard point.  

“Wares stated that almost 50% of businesses fail in Australia within the first three years.”

In his first few months, he trusted and hired the wrong people, bought the wrong things, and spent money in the wrong areas, one of which was marketing adverts. He spent over $100,000 on some extravagant advertisements. He did not have proper training, culture, or a strong system. He did not have goals and did not understand accounting. 

“Aaron Ware stated that he was doubling month-by-month, which meant he had to pay for more installers and more materials. It was a good problem to have, yet it was a crippling problem. It kept him up at night, he almost killed himself, and nearly lost all his employees.” 

Eventually, he moved past this, set goals, and started growing faster. He got to a point where he had to pay workers from his pocket. The business was growing fast, and costs were doubling up. As he hockey-sticked, he was finding it difficult to gather his capital.

“He says my new goal and mission are to go from helping the homeowners to business owners where the savings are in the hundreds of thousands per system. ” 

Aaron shared that he lost some of his friends to his big dreams. After changing his company, he quickly realized that he had smaller dreams than other big dreamers and made new goals. 

What Helped Ware Grow Into the Business Man he is?

“Ware said when he started to look at obstacles that came at him as  awesome ways to systemize his business, he began to grow and hit the next level.”

The choice to take negative reviews and work to change it made Aaron a better businessman. He did not react angrily to negative reviews and feedback but improved on them. Wares said he once had a customer that gave a bad review on his advertisement and had never bought a product, and he chose to work on his advert afterward. 

Aaron noticed he started growing exponentially at the point he started listening to relevant information. He changed what he was listening to in the mornings, during a drive, and while working out. He started listening to podcasts from people like Jim Rhon, Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, and Grant Cardone. 

What will he have changed?

“Ware said that now that he has it all figured out, looking back at all the sleepless nights and palpitations, it did not have to be that hard.” 

Undergoing apprenticeship in trade for four years does not prepare people for the reality of business; that’s why 90% of companies fail. He would have loved to change the lack of guidance and training. 

 Aaron also says he would have changed his emotional intelligence if he could go back 3years ago. He would not let his surroundings and people’s actions change his emotional state.

What does Aaron do now?

Over the years, Ware has developed effective skills and processes that make him a better businessman. If Aaron had known these processes three years earlier, he would have made more than 20 million dollars annually.

Ware’s passion is for business growth and uses his multiple social media platforms to share the lessons he learned with people on how to grow their businesses. He wants his research and ideas available to anyone and everyone who wants to grow their business without the headaches. 

He also wrote a book called Trade Made to share his knowledge with the world. Ware’s book is for those people who are trying to figure out business and want to grow. He said the book is for people trying to grow but are having decision problems. 

Ware said he wrote the book to help growing traders because everything they are doing has been done before.” 

Aaron has social media accounts on different platforms and a website dedicated to helping upcoming business people. Ware has videos dedicated to his work of being a motivational speaker while growing his own business. To learn more about Aaron Ware’s book, check here. To see more of Aaron Ware, you can check his website, YouTube, or Instagram.

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