Andrea Abeli and the Next Generationā€™s Social Media Millionaires.

Andrea Abeli is a 34-year old model. Her primary point of exposure is on Instagram where she has built a following of over 1.2 million users in just one year. Her story is a perfect example of how people, and women in particular, can use social media to launch their careers. The secret is knowing how to use the platforms to your advantage.

Andrea actually started out her adult life in law school. She endured the many years it took to earn her masters degree. However, she wouldnā€™t end up practicing law. Instead, she turned to web design, photography, and social media marketing. This led her down the path to helping other models build their brands using social media. She found that there were many beautiful women trying to break into modeling to monetize their looks but most didnā€™t know where to start.

After seeing first-hand how lucrative modeling on social media could be, she decided to try her shot at it. The rest is history. Now Andrea creates content and shares it with her fans through multiple online channels. She also gets sponsored by brands who want to reach her large following. Further, she helps 7 aspiring models each year to launch their careers.

In a world where over 2 billion people use Facebook and over 1 billion use Instagram, you have the opportunity to reach audiences unlike ever before. Not only can you reach them, but you can target your content to reach specific people with specific interests and behaviors.

Entrepreneurs like Ms. Abeli know how to use social media to their advantage, are forming the next generationā€™s future millionaires.

Learn more about Andrea Abeli on her website here, and follow her on Instagram here.Ā 

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