How Andreas Gaitanis Has Been Able to Increase the Income and Clientele for Real Estate Agents in Multiple Countries

The majority of people who are interested in real estate and lead generation for the business think it is a challenging industry. You will even hear that most real estate agents don’t make it through the first two years of business. In Andreas Gaitanis’ world, these are just but misconceptions. The real estate industry might be a challenging place to venture into, but Andreas has made it his oasis of fortunes. Through his international company Leadz Engine, Andreas Gaitanis has been able to increase the income and clientele for real estate agents in several countries. We wanted to know what works for him and how he is doing it differently, so we sought some audience with him. The following is a piece we did about Andreas Gaitanis and five self-proven tips to success in the real estate lead generation industry.

1. Using the right infrastructure

Andreas believes in technology and what it has to offer the real estate industry. As such, his company leverages the opportunities availed by the latest technology to grow the business. He says that through battle proved and top-of-the-line systems, he and his team can generate, verify, and send eligible leads to their Inside Sales Agents teams. The teams are therefore always working on reliable information which they use to keep the business running. Using the right infrastructure not only provides Andreas with a steady flow of clients, but it also ensures that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

2. Hiring the Right Team

According to Andreas Gaitanis, having the right infrastructure is only half of the job. The other half entails looking for and hiring the right people to work with. Leadz Engine has Inside Sales Agent teams in the United States and the Philippines. The US team has its headquarters in New York, and its exclusive role is to call. The one in the Philippines is tasked to operate through text message. Both teams work round the clock to nurture, verify and deliver to the business, exclusive homebuyers who are ready to purchase a new or another home within the upcoming weeks.

3. Adopting and Implementing the Right Policies

Leadz Engine is bent on being a leader in the real estate lead generation business. One way in which the company is moving closer and closer towards this goal is by adopting and implementing policies that work. Andreas Gaitanis says that the company thoroughly vets each person who joins them regardless of which position they are being hired to fill. Additionally, only proven policies are enforced. This way, the company can fast-track its progress both in client satisfaction and maximum return on investment.

4. Partnering With the Best

We asked Andreas about his company’s partners, and this is what he said. “Our company partners amass more than 30 years of experience in Real Estate Digital Marketing, Sales and millions in completed transactions.” As you can tell, Leadz Engine’s partners are all exceptional assets to the business. Andreas Gaitanis knows what is good for business and he does not take chances when reaching for what will add

immense value to his venture.

5. Monitoring Strategies and Making Adjustments

To wrap it up, Andreas says that he wouldn’t have achieved so much were it not for the practice of continually monitoring his strategies and making necessary adjustments to keep improving. Monitoring is an essential aspect of the controlling function of management. Andreas Gaitanis knows this, and that is why he keeps track of all the strategies his business has adopted. One crucial area he stressed on was the monitoring of paid traffic campaigns run by his team of Facebook and other social media professionals based on a 15 point weekly checklist.

The Difference between Andreas Gaitanis and the Rest

The lead generation niche within the real estate industry has many players, but only a few can deliver what the client wants. When Andreas ventured into the industry, what he came across was not so unfamiliar – it has been the norm of the industry. He, however, made it his daily quest to change the status quo. For long, clients served by other companies had been complaining about expensive leads, zero exclusivity in local geographical areas, zero guaranteed leads, getting locked in six-month contracts with no guarantee, no follow-up process to nurture leads, low conversion rates for the little leads generated, and so on. Andreas started low on promises but high on results. His company makes between 150 to 250 leads within the first 10 days you work with them, 50 to 70 qualified leads, more than 25 booked appointments with those leads, more than 10 live and direct transfers to you, 2 full time Inside Sales Agents teams working 24/7 and ready to respond within 2 minutes of prompt.

Andreas Gaitanis has revolutionized real estate lead generation and is now changing the game for real estate agents. Now the business doesn’t have to be the painstaking process of clientele and income generation that has been a notorious norm. By looking into how he can use proven strategies like messenger marketing systems, Andreas is curating working solutions for hundreds of thousands.

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