Alex Lombard


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Alex is a digital entrepreneur managing media for 7 and 8 figure earners. Co founder of Invigor8 marketing company and founder of VisionWall INC, influencer agency. With over 1 million followers on Instagram between his two brands @visionwall and and six years experience, he has been able to coach many high level clients on how to dominate online. Alex has been featured on many top business podcasts including, "The Fighting Entrepreneur" with Anik Singal and "Addicted2Success" with Joel Brown.Alex is an investor, speaker, consultant and prides himself on giving back through his time and money.

Digital Entrepreneurship Is The New Way Of Business

Digital Entrepreneurship We are currently thriving in a digital age. Where marketing costs have become more and more affordable, and the entrepreneurial dream has become a reality. Creativity and authenticity is the new strategy, and all of this can be…