Alex Velez
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Alex Velez is a Social Media Marketing expert, Author, and Mentor with significant experience in Business, eCommerce, and Graphic Design.Alex has been involved in many business ventures. He began social media in August of 2016, and grew vast knowledge of the ins and outs of many social media platforms.He was able to leverage his following to make connections at a higher level which inspired him to become a CEO at 15 and continue his journey.

How Social Media Has, and Will Continue To Change The World.

As time continues we will see social media become more relevant in today’s society. Even right this very moment there is an epidemic of people addicted to social media, or just their phones in general. Why? Because it eliminates the…

How Dropping Out of Cornell Changed 20-Year-Old Lansana Koromas Life Forever.

Failure is an action, not an identity. Failing is something that happens to you, it’s not something that you are. – Lansana Koroma Lansana Koroma is a 20-year-old Brand Consultant, Rapper, and Marketer He has had a lot of experiences…