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I am a globally recognized columnist for Inc. Magazine with over 175,000 followers on social media (verified Twitter page). Known for creating viral content on social media. Interviews for Inc. include Mark Cuban and Gatorade. Founder of Social Marketing Solutions in Fort Collins, CO.

The Biggest Innovators in the Autonomous Robot Space

Robotics have come a long way in recent years thanks to advancements in machine learning and AI.


This May, Fenox Venture Capital will hand a $1M prize to the winner of the Start Up World Cup, one of the top global startup competitions.

Blockchange: Crypto Investing at the Speed of Change

The cryptocurrency market is infamous for its volatility.  In December 2017, many cryptocurrencies saw their “daily percent growth” [wtv the industry term is for this] in the triple digits.  The regulatory environment is still taking shape in many countries.  When…

The Unlikely Path of YouTuber Turned Self Made Millionaire Kevin David

As a kid he was always looking for different ways to make money. And at one point he was even buying candy in bulk and selling it to his schoolmates for a profit!

Stephanie Lee from Beauty Brite Shares How to Turn a Blog Into a Business

Most bloggers never profit a dime from their writing. Some just write for exposure or merely as a hobby. Other bloggers would like to make money from their writing but just haven’t figured out how to do it. If you’ve…

How to Find The Best Loan Note Opportunities

Seeking financial advice from professionals is not as easy as one could expect. However, working with a professional team with the right expertise and your best interest in mind is far more likely to generate a positive result.  With the…

Meet Patientory, The App That Puts Patients in Control of Their Healthcare

A colossal number of readmissions occur due to poor care and coordination caused by siloed EHR systems and various state regulations. In the U.S. 117 million people have been diagnosed with one or more illnesses. These patients do not have…

It’s Not As Expensive As You Think to Travel Hands Free

You’re heading out on your next travel adventure. You’ve packed your bags and you’re about to catch your ride to the airport. Before ordering your Uber, you open up another app and arrange a pick-up for your bags. A driver…

Meet Chefling (A smart home assistant that takes the stress out of dinner parties)

Have you ever had trouble cooking during the holidays? Or simply wished there were an easier way to plan meals, shop and cook for one’s families or dinner parties? Studies have shown that as many as 1/3 of Americans find…

Opinion: The Case for Using Fintech To Fund Your Next Company

Guest Post By: Thomas Carter, founder of DealBox, a blockchain business accelerator and crowdfunding platform for startups I’ve been raising capital for 30 years and know first-hand that the process is not an easy one. Entrepreneurs spend precious time and…