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I am a globally recognized columnist for Inc. Magazine with over 175,000 followers on social media (verified Twitter page). Known for creating viral content on social media. Interviews for Inc. include Mark Cuban and Gatorade. Founder of Social Marketing Solutions in Fort Collins, CO.

What Does the Housing Boom Mean For Us in 2019?

Home prices will increase in 2019, especially in the urban neighborhoods and cities that attract millennials, Arch Mortgage Insurance Co. reported Thursday. The national average home price is likely to increase between 2% and 5%, worsening overall affordability, even as…

How Franklin Hatchett Built A Million Dollar Ecommerce Training Empire From A Laptop

We had a chance to interview Franklin Hatchett, a well-known ecommerce expert who has been a rockstar and a mentor to many ecommerce enterprises and runs an online dropshipping program. How long have you been in the business of helping…

The Next Innovation Hot Spot? Erie, Pennsylvania

Austin, Texas. Denver, Colorado. Erie, Pennsylvania? Yes, it’s true.  Located just east of Cleveland and just north of Pittsburgh, Erie is home to a growing number of startups, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders working hard to make the city of nearly…

Irene Barrera’s Journey to Fitness Guru and Entrepreneur

Sometimes the motivation for taking the leap of faith into the life of entrepreneurship stems from personal experiences and the desire to improve something. That’s precisely what happened to Irene Barrera, the founder of Stay Lean With Irene. “I have…

We Are Having the Wrong Conversation About Workforce Development

Guest Author: Ola Ayeni It’s no secret: The Silicon Prairie has a workforce problem.  It isn’t just us, either. Employers across America can’t find enough qualified workers. With a historically low unemployment rate, qualified, talented workers aren’t just sitting in…

Richard Branson Reveals Why He Believes This California Startup Will Revolutionize the Mortgage Industry

The Virgin group founder and billionaire entrepreneur shares how experience will disrupt the mortgage industry. Billionaire Richard Branson has entered the U.S. mortgage market investing in California based mortgage startup Loansnap. The timing couldn’t be better for Branson to enter…

The Biggest Innovators in the Autonomous Robot Space

Robotics have come a long way in recent years thanks to advancements in machine learning and AI.


This May, Fenox Venture Capital will hand a $1M prize to the winner of the Start Up World Cup, one of the top global startup competitions.

Blockchange: Crypto Investing at the Speed of Change

The cryptocurrency market is infamous for its volatility.  In December 2017, many cryptocurrencies saw their “daily percent growth” [wtv the industry term is for this] in the triple digits.  The regulatory environment is still taking shape in many countries.  When…

The Unlikely Path of YouTuber Turned Self Made Millionaire Kevin David

As a kid he was always looking for different ways to make money. And at one point he was even buying candy in bulk and selling it to his schoolmates for a profit!