Matt Dixon
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Matt Dixon, based in Greenville, SC, is a Partner and Financial Advisor for TruNorth Advisors. Through his several years of experience in the financial services industry, Matt is nationally recognized for his strategy in tax-free retirement and is a licensed Financial Consultant. Making regular appearances on the WGTK radio station as a featured host and guest appearances on local news stations, Matt enjoys educating the public on his financial strategies and solutions so that they can make the most of saving for retirement. Matt Dixon dedicates his time to helping retirees take an objective look at their retirement savings, calling it “the new unemployment” so that they can ultimately better prepare for retirement. He goes into further detail about his strategies in his published book, “RITE: Retirement Income Tax Exempt,” to help readers preserve their assets and prevent them from dealing with financial stresses during retirement. Through his work at TruNorth, Matt advises his clients on the best approach for their retirement. He offers various insurance and investment products to them to ultimately be successful in their savings goals.

Matt Dixon of Greenville, SC, on Strategies For Developing Financial Goals For Your Business

At the end of the day, the financials are most important for the vast majority of businesses. A well-run company should have a financial plan, and there are several strategies for developing your business’ financial goals. Consult the Owners Things…