Melissa Profeta

Mompreneur and Community Growth Specialist

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Melissa Profeta is a Mompreneur, Social Media Strategist and a Community Growth Specialist who leads profitable social media campaigns for personality brands, and small to medium businesses. Melissa has worked with influencers and small to medium enterprises, providing services, strategy, and digital products, and has helped brands 10x their impact by creating loyal brand advocates. She currently leads a community of Social Media Managers and is the co-founder of Social Media Academy and the PR company Prime Press.

How Nix Eniego Went From Earning $1.50 per Article To Leading Nearly 1,000 Marketers in the Philippines

Nix got started with marketing and sales when he was 4 years old. He would ‘steal’ ring boxes / jewelry boxes from his aunts and put a variety of candies inside. He would then go out and offer these candies…