Tiffany Toombs
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You may know Tiffany Toombs as the international speaker and leading expert on rewiring the unconscious mind for success and tapping into your personal potential. For over 20 years, Tiffany has entertained, educated and transformed the lives of thousands of people across the world. She is the author of Stop Being A Selfish B*tch – A Comprehensive Guide To Living Your Best Life Through Radical Self Love, a best-selling self-help.Tiffany’s clients and course participants experience undeniable results – showcasing over and over again that our unconscious mind can be our most powerful asset – when we truly understand how to make it work for us.Tiffany is a sought after speaker and has been invited to speak on numerous global podcasts and stages – including speaking at an event run by Marshall Sylver – the world’s most televised hypnotist. Through education, Tiffany empowers people to understand why and how they have become stuck in the past and how to take action in all areas of their life, in the present moment to completely change their lives in a positive way forever.Tiffany is currently focused on her personal life mission to change the world by empowering 1 million people to live an intentional life that is aligned with their deepest truth, everyday.With this mission in mind, Tiffany has created a range of programs and products to help people around the world tap into their unconscious potential and create a positive ripple effect through their individual communities.

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