Tyler Donahue


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I write about entrepreneurship, social enterprise, philosophy, mental & physical health and community. My goal is to make you ponder, smile, or question something you never thought to question before. Happy living :)

Connecting with Bloggers in your Industry at Scale

This is about connecting ? It’s nice to plug yourself into communities you and your business align with. Connecting with bloggers is a great way to reach established and engaged communities. These people are the reason you do what you…

“The War of Art” Summary

The Internal Battle Calling on my creative genius can often be perplexing. Sometimes I feel like the harder I pull on creativity, the harder it pulls away from me. Have you heard that quote? “The hardest battle you’ll ever have…

Facebook announces new Dating feature at F8 2018

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has released plans for a new concept at the announcement packed F8 developer conference. Facebook will soon be launching a market competitive dating feature. The dating utility is declared as being completely opt-in and removed from…