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Sergej Heck Creates App for Decentralized Finance and Cryptocurrency

Sergej Heck’s journey to success isn’t your typical story. His background was familiar enough: He graduated from high school, undertook an apprenticeship, and became an engineer for a large automobile company. He made good money but felt unhappy with his…

The Black Shark Approach – JR Anthony’s Philosophy On How To Grow A Business With Integrity

Starting a business is no mean feat. Besides an idea, capital, and a good marketing strategy, you also need to have a philosophy on how to approach business. A philosophy that will help you grow your business with integrity. That’s…

Twins Reveal Secret Amazon Business Model You’ve Never Heard Of

In an age where everything depends on the internet, why not use it to your advantage? This question surely crossed the minds of twins Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen after they started their online business.   Three years ago, the Mikkelsen…