Ben Hochheiser Co-Founder of Blade Marketing speaks on his secrets to starting a business

Ben Hochheiser is an American serial entrepreneur who currently owns and runs various businesses. Specializing in digital marketing and real estate, Ben is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in his age group. He is the Co-Founder of Blade Marketing, and is in the process of launching 2 partner agencies in conjunction with Blade. Ben’s many endeavors are driven by his passion for helping business owners and entrepreneurs. Ben Hochheiser’s goal is to raise the quality of marketing and ensure that entrepreneurs have the resources they need to develop large, successful corporations.


Ben Hochheiser always loved learning about topics he found interesting and applicable to real life in school. Ben made the decision to continue his higher education and go to college which inspired his love and passion for sales and marketing. This ultimately led to the decision for Ben to leave school and pursue entrepreneurship full time. Ben Hochheiser has always had a niche for finding gaps in growing industries and how to capitalize on that. Ben’s motto as he goes through business is, “If something isn’t working, change the plan, never the goal.” He is very disciplined and never loses sight of the big picture and long-term goals. Every entrepreneur is bound to face obstacles, hardships, and failures along the way but it is how you approach those challenges that will determine the trajectory of their business.  


Ben Hochheiser picked up on a trend in the marketing industry that most businesses care about their paychecks first and clients second, when Ben sees it from the other perspective. Blade Marketing sought out to become a marketing agency that puts their clients first and is dedicated to helping them achieve long-lasting success and growth. Ben and his business partner Zachary Kayal have different strengths and skill sets and have always had the dream of starting a successful digital marketing agency.


When being asked the importance of mindset when starting your own business, Ben Hochheiser responded with “Mindset is more important than anything. People can be very difficult to work with, and with that, comes a lot of focus. Late nights are inevitable and the work can be draining. Make sure you are sharp at all times, even though it is difficult to maintain through the obstacles of entrepreneurship.” Ben Hochheiser’s advice for those trying to start their own business is to make sure you have a successful plan in motion, an unbreakable mindset, and a partner/ team that share your aspirations as well. 

As for what is next for Blade Marketing, they just launched an agency growth program to help other agencies grow and scale. Ben and his business partner Zachary plan on releasing a full time sales and marketing program to teach others how to fulfill the type of business roles that they do. Ben Hochheiser is just getting started and the success he has seen so far is promising yet it is only the beginning. The greatest part of Blade Marketing’s journey as a business is watching clients that they have helped grow far past their expectations. To learn more about Ben Hochheiser and his business, click here.

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