Beyond Six Figures. A Deeper look into Justin Woll’s eCommerce Agency

Using the Shopify platform, one man has helped generate over $20 million in revenue and the heads of Shopify are taking notice.

Justin Woll, founder of the eCommerce Mentoring Agency BeyondSixFigures, has been helping hundreds of individuals create dropshipping businesses and growing them to near 6-figure incomes by selling various products online. Many of BeyondSixFigures’ top students now  earn over $5000 a day selling products through various social media ad services.

“When Shopify had us out to their headquarters I knew we were onto something. They  wanted to take time to acknowledge the work that was going on and help me learn strategies and resources to better use their platform.”

BeyondSixFigures focuses on teaching students to use data to make well informed decisions on what products to sell and then leveraging tools provided by Facebook and Google to target specific audiences. This methodical system has been shown to generate a higher sell rate than most other conventional marketing methods.

Justin’s unique approach to eCommerce has made him stand out from other online gurus and business mentors. By providing 1:1 mentorship, weekly mastermind programs, and teaching his methodical way to grow and scale businesses, Justin has become a true leader in the eCommerce community. Shopify has been integral to Justin’s success and creating a streamlined process for his students to follow.

“I always suggest Shopify to all of my students. The platform provides a lot of data and tools to help my students scale their businesses effectively by identifying key markets and audiences. I use it personally for all of my own stores.”

Known as the “Justin Woll effect” many of Justin’s students have been able to show a significant increase in sales using his methods and the Shopify platform.

Justin focuses most of his time individually mentoring his students by providing them with direct email responses to questions, 1:1 mentorship and group mastermind phone calls. He is daily working on new courses and resources to to continue to commit the success of his students.

“BeyondSixFigures has become a movement,” Just said gleefully, “we are a family and seeing the positivity and motivation and success in our Facebook group daily motivates me to work harder and hustle more to make sure we are all successful.”

Justin is currently expanding his mentorship agency in 2019 with new online courses, daily video series and an international tour with in-person workshops and mentoring.

More information can be found at www.beyondsixfigures.org


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