Biden Ensures to Mend the Racial Wealth Gap

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden pursues a campaign that seeks to end the racial wealth gap and support entrepreneurs and black voters from North Carolina through attending Black Economic Summit on Wednesday.

The issue of the racial wealth gap amid this pandemic has significantly moved black Americans. As the United States rapidly becomes more diverse by not providing equal public policies to black people such as education policy, employment policy, and homeowner policy.

In setting the ground for Democrats to win the White House, they need to exert effort to the whole nation and black matters for a win-win situation. 

As an effort of reaching out to black voters, tons of people from Charlotte, North Carolina, are present and socially distanced to attend Black Summit hosted by the former Vice President.

From his campaign yesterday, Biden dealt with the racial wealth gap for widening racial disparities and inequality amid this pandemic where black Americans were not given enough financial assistance in general. 

Biden addressed his reflections from black matters where “black people always put on the hole when things are not acceptable and when things get better, they are placed behind,” he said.

Based on Federal Unemployment data for August, it shows the unemployment rate between black Americans, which got 13%, while white Americans got only 7.2%. It indicates the employment disparity mixed by the fact that white Americans have financial support in job loss, unlike black Americans.

Biden answered all fundamental questions from Black local business owners and community leaders by presenting his previous economic proposals, including his program, to support historically black colleges and universities through putting up an additional $70 billion.

The voting contest at North Carolina has started up, and the first batch of absentee ballots was mailed on September 4. It is the first campaign appearance of Biden after implementing a strict lockdown all over the world.

Many polls have been created where the count of votes between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump went dead heat.

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