Bipartisan Group Endorses Joe Biden

Six former trade secretaries endorse Presidential nominee Joe Biden exclusively in a newsletter on CNBC News. The retired commerce secretaries put down their decision to support former Vice President Joe Biden to deter the shock of economic slump inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The U.S COVID-19 cases have now ballooned to millions that unsurprisingly shaken the world’s commerce position with bringing drastic changes. They believed Biden’s presidency would bring certainty and security to the U.S economy. They also address that it can rebuild the stability in entrepreneurship and give rise to other business leaders’ opportunities with his perpetual leadership.

The letter’s testifiers are Carlos Gutierrez, who assisted President George W. Bush, Penny Pritzker, and Gary Locke,  who served the U.S under President Barack Obama, then Bill Daley, Norm Mineta, and Mickey Kantor,  from the term of President Bill Clinton.

The letter knocks Trump’s administration since commerce marketing is commonly one of the cabinet’s limited politicized stakes. Furthermore, the epistle shows an explicit message against Trump’s leadership that is not invariant to improve the economic downturn. Especially its relation to the European Union’s new Trade Chief, Valdis Dombrovskis.

Where the European Union regulators are setting up new stricter policies for 20 large internet companies, including U.S technology giant Apple, Google, and Facebook, this will warn the United States for its punitive tariffs on more than $7bn of EU products. 

The nonpartisan notion at the Commerce Department also indicated at Biden’s endorsement. And they also expected to work together to strengthen the commerce industry amidst pandemic and cross different perimeters for reconciliation.

In addition to Trump’s abandonment of U.S trade policy are the principles for decades in courtesy for his patriotic, nationalist, and “America First” approach. The particular letter similarly points out Trump’s global exchange for his domestic and foreign policy agendas four years ago.

On the other hand, Biden consented if he wins the presidential election, he will bring back the U.S trade policy to a multilateral and cooperative framework. Biden further subsidizes the Voter Mobilization Event marketing campaign ceased last October 12 in Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, Ohio.

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