How Brenden Tieger Used Social Media to Expand His Business Internationally

Brenden Tieger is a seasoned Marketer and the man who spread Enagic throughout the country of Australia.

City where you’re from: San Clemente California

Favorite quote: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” -The turtle from Kung Fu Panda

Social accounts:

How did you get involved with Enagic? What can you tell us about it?

Brenden Tieger: Before Enagic I had built so many incomes from being affiliated with different companies that sadly end up disappearing within a year or two, but with Enagic which has been around for 40+ years,

I came across the Kangen water machine and saw what it did for people. Originally, I heard about it through a Facebook message and scoffed it off, but then I learned that this water is used for a lot of medicinal purposes in Japan.

After doing my own research I ended up buying one of the machines for my family. My little sister had acid reflux and my dad had High Cholesterol/Blood pressure, so I decided to make the purchase.

After a while I started seeing how the machine was helping my family, a year later I figured, I had the machine, and I had all my business connections on Facebook and thought, ‘well, this company has been around for 40 years, why not try to build something with it in America?’

Now I’ve been doing this for just over 2 years and I’ve done over ten million dollars in sales with it. And I enjoy the fact that it’s something for the long-term. It’s not just one of those things where everyone jumps on, makes their money and then it disappears, it’s been here for a long time, and it’s going to be here forever.

So, I like the fact that I can build something out of it. And that the product is something that I use.

For someone who wouldn’t know, what is the benefit to Kangen water?

Brenden Tieger: It’s medical grade water. Its alkalized, ionized and contains molecular hydrogen. In America, you’re not allowed to say that products like these cures or treats diseases, but the fact is that in Japan they have these machines in hospitals. They give this water to patients when they are sick.

They don’t just pump them up with pills and stuff. I mean, I tell everybody, you are seventy percent plus water, your brain is eighty percent plus water… You should probably drink good water.

When you became partnered with Enagic, what did you do to scale?

Brenden Tieger: I scaled it through social media. My first year I was able to do three million in sales in the states, just traveling around, using Facebook, organic marketing, meeting people, everything.

Then I sold one machine through Facebook to Australia, and the guy asked me if I wanted to fly out to help spread the machines over there. Then, I intended to only stay for about a month or two but ended up doing over six million dollars in sales that year. So, I just never came back.

In that time, our presence had gotten so big that Enagic had me speak in front of the entire company in Vegas. It’s just amazing that it was all by chance, I believe everything happens for a reason, but it’s just crazy that one machine that I sold through Facebook to Australia ended up giving me the funds and the life that I have now in Australia.

What are some tactics that you employ to market on Facebook? It seems like it’s working well for you, after all.

Brenden Tieger: Yeah, for me, I don’t believe in just online marketing and offline marketing. At least in my opinion, I think online marketing is all about showing how good you are offline.

Anybody can be a keyboard hero on Facebook, right? But it’s much more powerful when you put in high quality photos, high quality videos, I like to show people that putting yourself out there and being vulnerable is a super power. We live in a

generation where just ten years ago people would write what they felt in a diary so that no one would read it, and now we all write everything on Social Media hoping that the whole world reads it.

That’s what I’ve always tried to execute hard on in Australia, trying to tell people that, ‘guys, Facebook isn’t just Facebook. This is a channel, this is people’s way of looking into your life.

The best salesman in the world, isn’t a salesman. It’s a friend”.

That’s what really blew Enagic up in Australia. It’s all about that real online-offline relationship with people.

Is it hard for people to grasp the idea of being a friend versus being a salesman? Do you know why that might be difficult for people?

Brenden Tieger: Yes, it’s very hard for some people to grasp it. But it’s not really something I budge on. The way I try to explain it to people is that, look, if you don’t want the machine or the water or the product for you or your family, as a customer first, then it’s probably not a good idea to get involved.

People think that if you get a job in sales, that you’re just selling whatever you’re told to sell. That’s just a job, to me, to just do what you’re told because you’re told to. But what we’ve tried to do is create a culture where people are customers first, and then they can share why they bought it.

Not just why other people should buy it. It’s importance to have a passion for whatever you’re doing, or else why even do it?

What are some of the most common mistakes that you see people make when they’re trying to get started in network marketing?

Brenden Tieger: I think the biggest problem I see is when people are trying to become a business instead of a business-person. A lot of people think that if they just share the product and put their name on it then it’s going to make a difference. The fact is that you must make the connection with your product first, and then you can make a connection with people. Too many people try to skip those steps.

How do you try to keep others that you work with passionate about the business?

Brenden Tieger: A lot of that comes down to not just making this your mission, making it everyone’s mission. If you want to keep people excited, you don’t just go, ‘we’re doing this for this reason’. You don’t tell people why they’re doing something, you invite people to do it with you. You share with them what you say, but you want them to be able to create it in their own image, and if people lose sight of that, then you can’t lose sleep over it. You must let people fulfill what they’re supposed to fulfill.



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