CJ Hammond speaks on the importance of mindset when starting your own business

CJ Hammond is an entrepreneur with a strong mindset and determination to reach his goals despite any setbacks. CJ is the CEO of Fit Legend Inc which is a health and wellness brand and personal training business. He has been an athlete his whole life as he started playing football at 8 years old and has played competitively for the past 22 years. This led to CJ’s passion for healthy living and working out and wanting to help others do the same. His greatest joy is knowing that he has made someone feel better with only one hour out of their busy lives. CJ describes his ultimate reward as the long lasting relationships he has with his clients.


CJ found motivation to start his business when he moved to LA to further his career in Pro-fitness. This is where CJ Hammond found his passion for boxing and learned the art of its “sweet science.” This led to him starting his second business Fit Legend Inc in 2019 and his craft has allowed him to train some of the world’s top athletes from various sports. Fit Legend Inc is a health and wellness brand and personal training business. 


CJ Hammond knew that he always wanted to stay around athletes and wanted to learn the science of coaching and teaching others to develop healthy lifestyles. Once he saw how he could change lives not only physically, but mentally, he knew it was what he wanted to do. Every successful entrepreneur needs to have a strong mindset in order to face the obstacles that come when starting a business. When being asked the importance of mindset when starting a business, CJ replied with “Mindset is everything. One has to be confident, strong, courageous, and bold. You have to go in knowing you will fail 10x before getting the results you want. Having that mindset will help you keep going when the times get tough. Believe in yourself and visualize success.” 


CJ Hammond describes one of the biggest challenges when starting a business as the unpredictable outcome. He expands by saying “Going out on your own is really hard. You want to succeed instantly but it doesn’t work that way. The successful businesses weather the storms and after failing multiple times, get back up and try again. It is also crucial to adapt to the changes in culture, market, etc or you will get left behind. Continue to grow and adapt to stay ahead.” 

CJ’s advice for those trying to start their own business is to do it for your love and passion for the industry and what you are trying to accomplish. When you start a business for these reasons, the money will eventually follow and the journey will become that much harder to give up on. CJ Hammond is constantly working on growing and adapting his business but one of his current projects is launching a fitness clothing/ athleisure line. He is very excited about another upcoming project which is an online fitness program platform. To continue along with CJ’s journey and learn more about his business, click here.

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