David Nicolas Albanese on how to be successful as an entrepreneur

David Nicolas Albanese is an entrepreneur who has businesses in various industries and is still yearning to do more. He has been dealing with the buying and selling of real estate for 14 years. He has worked in all other businesses from opening liquor stores, selling laundromats, starting nightclubs, restaurants, landscaping and many more. Every entrepreneur has to try different areas of business to determine their skill sets, strengths and weaknesses, and knowledge of the industry.  


David’s mother struggled for many years living paycheck to paycheck and this inspired him to work ten times harder to provide the best life for his family. He made sure that he would achieve financial stability and freedom early on so that he wouldn’t have to live in uncertainty. David Albanese says “I found motivation for my business from watching my mom struggle on a daily basis to keep us safe and put food on the table.” He knew that he always wanted a greater life for himself and he wouldn’t stop working until he achieved every one of his goals. 


Today, David Albanese has many businesses under his control. He can afford daily requirements plus luxuries for his people. He founded High Farms, which is a cannabis technology and cultivation company along with his real estate business and a large scale pool maintenance company. David couldn’t be happier with the success he has achieved so far in his life, and there is so much more to come. David is currently helping small entrepreneurs get a hold of the market and guide them to not make the mistakes him and many other entrepreneurs have made in the past.


One of David Albanese’s greatest joy’s is helping other people work towards their goals and jump starting their success. David feels his guidance will improve the state of businesses and in this way he can give back to the people and society at large. Some of David’s biggest accomplishments are being a real estate broker, his wife and kids, and business funding. He is always working towards something more and pushing himself to be the best version of himself in all aspects of his life. 

David Nicolas Albanese stresses the importance of mindset when starting your own business because with an unbreakable mindset, fear does not exist and will not interfere with any of your goals. David’s advice for those trying to start their own business is to not quit too soon despite any obstacles or setbacks because it is easy to get discouraged, but success will come to those who have their mind set on their goals. To learn more about David and his business, click here.

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