How Adam Reich went from fitness to financial freedom

Adam Reich is an entrepreneur who has what it takes to be successful in the business world. He spent a long time figuring out what his passion was and what he wanted his life’s work to be, which ultimately led him to the place he is currently. Adam founded True Credit Repair which is a credit repair business. However, each chapter in his life leading up to starting his own business shaped him and taught him many lessons.


Adam Reich started out in the gym at a young age of 15 with his dad. His love for the gym grew so much that it led to him becoming a National Level competitive bodybuilder. At the peak of his success he fell short by only one place on becoming a professional bodybuilder. During this time competing Adam had built an online and in person training business from the ground up grossing well over 6 figures and growing. In May of 2014 his wife gave birth to his beautiful twin girls. This gave Adam Reich all the drive he could ever need to give his daughters the best life. He wanted another challenge and something he was passionate about which led him to finding the gap in the credit repair industry. Shortly after he started True Credit Repair and has been working on growing the business ever since. 


Adam was determined to learn everything he could about the industry to be able to be a leading company in the industry and build his business based on his knowledge. By learning all of this and becoming an expert in the industry, Adam was able to build his credibility and reputation. One of the biggest things Adam Reich and his team value is their clients time and reason for choosing True Credit Repair. It is evident that as people continue to lose their jobs through the economic recession, the need to be able to run your own business directly from your phone is only becoming greater. 


Adam Reich was inspired to get into his niche of credit repair because he wants to help entrepreneurs and individuals repair their credit which is extremely important in the business world. Adam recognizes that one of the biggest challenges that comes along with starting your own business is getting the capital to do so, and his mission is to ensure that all of his clients get the funding to jumpstart their business with repaired credit. 

One of the biggest challenges Adam Reich faced when starting his own business was the people that told him he couldn’t and the fear of the unknown. It is difficult for any entrepreneur to leave the comforts of a 9-5 job to jump into an unpredictable journey, which is why it is extremely important to believe in yourself and never stop working towards your goals. As for what is next for Adam, he is working towards building out his state of the art sales office and warehouse in south Florida and continuing to scale his business at an intense speed to grow his brand nationwide. To follow along with Adam Reich and his business, click here.

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