How Andy Ta Kong Started his Journey Working for his Family’s Business

Andy Ta Kong is an inspiring entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to his work. It may sound like a cliché, but he loves it. He may work a lot, but he also gets an abundance of free time to do as he pleases. If he hadn’t been so diligent all of his life, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Kong was an ambitious 19-year-old when he came from the small community of Danville, Virginia. He was already a hard worker.

Kong started working at the age of nine with his family at their family-owned restaurant and nail salons. He enjoyed sports but never really had the chance to dabble into them too much due to the time spent helping his parents out in the family business.

Kong’s family wasn’t fluent in English and they relied on his ability to communicate in English on their behalf. Depending on which location was busier and required the help, he shared his free time after school and on weekends helping his parents. He spent his days going back and forth to help everyone out as required and never complained.

Although Kong helped his parents with the labor side of things, he also ran local ads for the business which was his first step into the online business world. All of the knowledge he gained at such a young age, gave him the skills that he needed in adulthood when he became an entrepreneur himself.

He started selling on Amazon with the FBA Private Label business model and later worked with Kyle Buckner (@kbdesigns) who owns He later joined the team and was given the COO position and gained exposure to e-commerce and branding in 11th grade.

Later on in his career, he learned about Amazon Dropshipping from a kid on Instagram. It inspired him and taught him a lot that he hadn’t known prior. He, unfortunately, had his Amazon store suspended but viewed this experience as a learning tool rather than a failure from his mistakes. Kong then created an Amazon management company with Marcello Cantu, Paul Parker, and Mohammed Shakaoat called Project WiFi. This Project has proven to be successful.

As stated on the website, “Here at Project Wifi, we offer a variety of services from dropshipping mentorship to Amazon Management. Feel free to do a consultation call with us down below. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best quality of service and works hard to ensure your, as well as your dropshipping store, is successful.”

Kong demonstrates by example, how far hard challenging life may get.

For more on Kong, you can find him on Instagram by clicking here

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