How I Was Able to Stand Out as A Content Creator on Youtube

Youtube is easily one of the biggest social platforms in the world. In fact, so many YouTubers have created success that it’s hard to compete in such a saturated environment.

How did I make a name for myself in an ocean of millions of Youtubers?

So many factors come into play but we can simplify all these complex ideas into three main categories: your identity, your passion, and your willingness to help others.

Here’s what I mean.

Find Your Niche

Find something unique to yourself and the content you want to create.

In fact, you should be so confident as to what your content should be and your niche that you should dive deeper into what your niche.

My niche was fitness and I further developed that idea into a more specific niche which is bodyweight training or calisthenics.

For example, if you are an engineer and want to make engineering videos, learn your niche within that category to make it more specific. Narrow it down to mechanical engineering or something very specific that will help you define your “sub-niche.”

Try to dive deep and have a target as to what your goal is as a Youtuber, what you’re sharing and who your audience is.

Have Passion for What You Do

True passion can’t be replicated. It has to be authentic.

You have to love it so much that you would want to do this for free.

You have to walk into it with a mindset that if Youtube wouldn’t pay you and there was absolutely no way you could monetize your platform, you would still do it because you love it.

This is the level of passion and dedication that you need to aspire for because you genuinely believe in the content you are creating and the artist outlet that Youtube provides to you as a content creator.

Being consistent is the most obvious way to project your passion for content as it demonstrates your ability and willingness to share your content.

Your character and your ideas will become vividly clear to your audience which will help you create your identity as a Youtuber.

Be Willing to Teach

Be willing to teach and share your personal experiences to help others.

It is important to share this because it is heavily value driven. People who don’t know who you are are not going to be willing to subscribe to you if you don’t give them any value as an audience.

Even how to videos are super helpful because it reaches out to the audience and assists them in a way that perhaps others can’t.

If you get good at something, people will value the information that you are sharing with them.

If you have a passion for something and like to do it, you can use that to help somebody who is a beginner at whatever you have become an expert in.


Stand out by creating your niche, eliciting the passion you have for your content to your audience and be willing to teach.

Simply by doing these three things, it automatically puts you above 70% of new content creators.

It can really be that easy.

Be consistent and believe in your work. You never truly know where that can take you.

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