How Rudy El Patronn Treminio found his niche in the automotive industry and differentiates himself

Rudy Treminio is an entrepreneur who has defied all odds to get to the place where he is today. Many people would have accepted the circumstances Rudy was given as an immigrant with no education, being a young father, incarcerated with nothing in his favor, but that was far from the case. It was Rudy’s never faltering dedication to the goals he set for himself and passion for the industry he is in that led to his success. 


It takes a certain type of entrepreneurial individual to be able to see gaps or untouched industries, learn everything they can about it, and put fear aside to take the leap of faith into the industry. Three years ago Rudy put everything on the line, left the comforts of a W-2 and a 9-5 job, learned everything he needed to know to be successful, and started his own business in the automotive industry. Since Rudy Treminio didn’t receive the proper education as a child and immigrant, he felt from a very young age that he had to work harder than the rest and defy all odds against him. 


Rudy Treminio didn’t want just to be known as the “Car guy” so he dabbled into each part of the industry and used all of our modern-world technology to become resourceful and knowledgeable. He knew that by learning every inch of the field it would make him unique and stand out from the rest. Rudy differentiates himself from the competition due to his personal branding. He branded his name in the industry as “El Patronn” so that customers recognize his Brand identity and know who he is. Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand; design, color, or logo, that distinguish the brand in the customers mind. “El Patronn” as he is known in the industry put himself out there like no other person in the automotive industry has done. His goal by doing this was to stand out in a crowd and be the hardest working person in any room. 


Rudy Treminio made the decision to start his own social media business three years ago when he saw the opportunity to take his game to the next level. No one in his field was brave enough to take the leap, so Rudy took the opportunity and worked so hard to make his dreams a reality. His personal branding and credibility that he established in the automotive industry transferred to his other businesses and he continued to use “El Patronn” for his social media company. 

Rudy views fear as a crutch holding you back from becoming successful. He explains this as “If you are too scared to try it is because you are afraid of failure. But the only way to know what you are capable of and reach your goals is to take the leap of faith and face your fears.” Taking that leap of faith was the best decision he could have ever made for himself. As for what is next for Rudy, he is working on becoming the #1 Chevy dealership in all of NYC, starting his own auto group, and publishing his second book. To follow along with Rudy Treminio’s business and future endeavors, click here.

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