How Top Tree Changed the Marketing Game

Marketing has been in existence since the beginning of business. In order to sell, every company tries to prove that they are the best. What started off as word of mouth turned to newspapers, radios and eventually social media. As technology advances, it is up to marketers to keep up with the trends in order to reach the largest, targeted, audience possible. Over the years, marketing has become more and more competitive. As more people open companies and discover the importance of launching ads and other marketing tactics, the mediums are becoming saturated. However, at one point, social media was hardly used for ad campaigns, there was always one person to be the first. I had the opportunity to meet Jonathan Lepow and Layne Schmerin. The brothers, and co-founders of Top Tree Agency (@toptree)  have created a strong basis for marketing that has helped them continue to be one of the most competitive marketing agencies.

Jonathan and Layne created the company upon realizing how beneficial cannabis could be to people in need. The co-founders decided to begin pushing cannabis through social media in an attempt to show a large audience the benefits it could have. “We had a relatively untapped market. Nobody knew they could push cannabis on social media, so they weren’t” Layne explained. They started a trend that quickly gained momentum. Before their eyes, they witnessed many other companies begin to use social media to push cannabis.

“We quickly realized that the model we had created out of necessity, also worked as a good model for mainstream companies” Jonathan added. They quickly switched focus and began using their growth model to help other companies. Today, Top Tree agency has a reach of over 10+ Million, They are able to use their massive reach to help promote their campaigns. Their personalization of campaigns for each company and dedication to continuing to learn the best ways to reach an audience has helped them continue to grow.

Top Tree Agency was able to grow quickly as they were willing to take a chance, which in turn, put their name out there. Their company has continued to grow as they are dedicated to personalizing the experience for each client and have never stopped researching and learning new techniques. All of these things has made Top Tree a major contender in the Marketing world.

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