Jose Gordo on discipline and how it helps his life focus of direct sales

Jose Gordo is an entrepreneur who has used the disciplines he learned in the military to reach his goals and provide the best possible service to customers. He has businesses across multiple industries such as Finance/Investing, Real Estate, and High-Performance Education Platforms. Jose sees the value in expanding your skill sets and strengths throughout multiple industries so that you can spread your knowledge while creating multiple sources of income. 


Jose is a best-selling author and worked hard to make his books a reflection of everything he has. His first book, “The 12 Gifts from Dad,” embodies a lot of who Jose is as a person from everything he learned through the process of leaving a stable job and seeking success on my own. Jose is a loving father to his kids and wants to set a good example while keeping them a priority always. Many people have a tough time transitioning from leaving a 9-5 stable job that comes with a W-2 to jump into the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship. However, Jose Gordo used his unbreakable mindset and drive towards direct sales for his business to lead him to success. 


Jose Gordo evaluated the most successful people in the world and realized that those individuals never limit themselves to doing only one thing, which is why he was inspired to have multiple businesses. He expands by saying “Taking the first step and having your own business is the beginning to start feeling that your life completely belongs to you. I believe that this is the leading factor why people leave their 9-5 jobs to go for something better. One of the best things you can have is a relentless mind and exploring each and every opportunity and idea.” 


As an entrepreneur paving the way for others with his unbreakable mindset and discipline, Jose Gordo puts a high importance on leadership, having a good attitude, perseverance, and working hard to achieve your goals. Jose’s direct mentor was Tony Robbins who he is incredibly grateful for. Jose loves helping other aspiring entrepreneurs get started with their businesses just like Tony did for Jose. One of Jose’s greatest recommendations is finding someone who is about 10 years ahead of you in the industry you are interested in, and asking them to mentor you. When you have a close relationship with someone who has been through everything you are currently going through, it helps eliminate some of the obstacles along the way based on what they have learned.  


Jose’s purpose in life is to impact the lives of millions of people and have his life’s work affect people’s lives for the better. He found motivation to get started with his own business to stop being an employee to his own boss and finally be in control of his time and life’s destiny. Jose Gordo explains one of the biggest challenges of starting a business as decision making especially because you are your own boss. This is why it is extremely helpful to have a mentor helping you make these influential decisions about your business with the goal to create as many direct sales as possible. 

Jose Gordo is an entrepreneur with a creative mind and remarkable heart. He describes his entrepreneurial journey as an amazing experience both personally and professionally. To follow alongside Jose’s business and future endeavors, click here.

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