Marcello Cantu Next Up In Ecommerce In 2020

Entrepreneur Marcello Cantu has maintained success since beginning his journey in business.

“I realized I found the right Idea when I went from zero sales to $100,000 a month in sales consistently, with profit in 6 months,” said Cantu.

Cantu credits his success to his ability to build a solid infrastructure with a trained staff that could help him create the same results for each business he mentors.

At a young age, Cantu’s entrepreneurial flame ignited brightly. He wanted to one day own his own thriving business, after watching his grandfather build a family-run business operating for over three decades.

He loved his family and valued their hardworking business, but he didn’t feel as though taking over was the right choice. Instead he enrolled at University of Texas at Dallas for business.

After learning his professor hadn’t actually owned a business himself, Cantu considered dropping out as he felt he was wasting his time. He figured there was no way he’d learn all he needed from someone who hasn’t gone out and experienced it himself.

He decided to stay as he was almost done at that point and he was too far in.

“It wouldn’t have made sense if I were to just drop out, so I finished with a B.A in Marketing,” said Cantu.

After graduation, Cantu moved from Dallas, Texas to California. He attended his first networking event in New Port where he met Amazon Entrepreneur Andy Ta Kong — the two instantly clicked. Later, Cantu was invited to Ta Kong’s birthday party where they spent the whole night discussing the possibility of partnering while over 100 guests partying downstairs looked for the birthday boy.

Cantu was introduced to Ta Kong’s roommate Paul Parker, who wanted in on the action and would become the third partner in the group.

Bangladeshi Entrepreneur Mohammed Shakaoat joined the trio after Cantu attended one of his presentations. Cantu was very intrigued with the rapid success Shakaoat amassed across numerous businesses. He knew he would be valuable part of the team, and Shakaoat became the fourth and final founder of Project Wifi

Project Wifi was created to aid entrepreneurs entering into the fast growing world of Amazon dropshipping. They are currently working with over 55 clients that bring in over $35,000 – $115,000 a month each. In total, Project Wifi has amassed over $19,000,000 in revenue shares in just nine months.

They plan to grow Project Wifi even bigger, helping more business owners achieve their Amazon business goals.

To find out more about Project Wifi and what it can do for you, feel free to follow  @marcellocantu on Instagram.

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