Meet Umesh Agarwal; From Engineer to 7 Figure Earner

One thing Umesh Agarwal learned growing up was the value of entrepreneurship. During his childhood days in Mumbai, Umesh would look forward to the times he spent helping his parents run the family business. Along the way, however, he noticed something quite interesting – but obvious – in the business world. 

Umesh says, “I was particularly aware of the fact that if someone could write you a paycheck, they could one day wake up and decide not to write you one anymore.” That became Umesh’s light bulb moment. That single thought introduced into his young mind the mentality of entrepreneurship, and in his heart, the desire to live beyond the confines of micromanagement. 

From Engineering to Travel Hacking

Being an ardent lover of mechanics and how various equipment worked, Umesh pursued a career in engineering. After graduating from the University of Mumbai where he had majored in engineering, Umesh moved to Texas for a Masters in Engineering. Oblivious to him, Umesh was edging closer to his big break. 

After school, Umesh Agarwal changed jobs from one state to the other. All this while, he was seeking to satisfy his curiosity about living the American dream. Every year, Umesh would travel back to India to visit his family. He would fly economy class, but couldn’t help wondering how he could one day pay for business class. Since his income at the time couldn’t buy him business class tickets, Umesh resulted in finding out how he could venture into travel hacking. After going through several months of rigorous research, Umesh finally cracked the puzzle around flying business class around the world and staying at luxury hotels for the lowest rates possible.

Why Umesh Agarwal Quit a Good Career to Risk It All In Entrepreneurship

It was not all about flying first class. Umesh was tired of living paycheck to paycheck. He started looking for a way to make at least $500 on the side. He remembered how his parents never had to take loans their entire life, just because they had a good business and savings. Something has to give since he also wanted to see his savings grow for the rainy days. 

Then there was the Umesh inside him that wanted to live a luxurious life. That is why he always told his friends, “If I wanted to live an average life, I would not have left India.” The only way to live the life he wanted was to quit working long hours and being comfortable waiting for a paycheck at the end of the month. So Umesh gave up his career as an engineer to make money from credit cards. Today, he is an established credit guru able to make millions from the business.

Leveraging Credit to Make a 7-Figure Income

When Umesh was able to make between $500-$1,000 consistently from credit cards, he saw some hope of finally making it. The journey towards making his first million as a credit guru was a big battle. “No one wins big battles until they start winning small daily battles,” Umesh maintains. 

Umesh Agarwal made himself into an indispensable source of mentorship to people looking to leverage credit to make a side income. Umesh, on a daily basis, helps hundreds of people acquire knowledge and skills on how to leverage credit to pursue their goals. Through the course of their mentorship, Umesh Agarwal’s students are able to live the lifestyle they have always wanted, and he is able to make a 7-figure income from his endeavor.

In Summation

Making his first 7-figures out of something he loves doing was not an easy feat for Umesh. He understands there are a million and one other entrepreneurs out there who struggle to get where he is with little or no success. As such, he spends most of his time growing and mentoring his students on how to live the life they want without having to sacrifice their happiness. About the future, Umesh is looking forward to attaining the multi-millionaire status and perhaps even become a billionaire. To him, winning one battle after another just motivates him to go further, and there isn’t anything like a limit for someone with the fire to succeed as his.

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