How Rachel Bell at only 23 Years Old Grew a 7-Figure Coaching Business… All From Her Instagram

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  1. Lana Pourint says:

    Rachel Bell — Complete Scammer/Narcissist or Online “Marketing Genius” Narcissist? You decide.
    I’m telling you do NOT join anything by Rachel Bell ( Online Coach Accelerator ” OCA ” )
    She is a SCAMMER who openly talks about using CULT TACTICS to grow an audience (ever hear of Teal Swan? Rachel’s a fan, enough said). She targets young women on instagram who want to be online coaches (you know, kind hearts who want to help people) and then charges $5000 for information that is given completely for free by many youtubers, podcasters, ebooks, etc. Did I mention she supports Multi Level Marketing — thats 21st century code for pyramid scheme. She may be wealthy and have an audience, but she is so inauthentic it’s sickening. Oh you’ve seen her podcast ” Payday with Rayray ” can someone explain how she got over 300 5 star rating with one 10 minute trailer? It’s by overpromising her followers “premium content” in exchange for reviews. She’s a money hungry narcissist that far too many people are falling for. Great actress though! Genuinely concerned for humanity that we keep elevating evil.

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