Is Koosha Azim The Next Face Of The Blockchain Industry?

Koosha Azim is a 16-year-old blockchain leader helping facilitate over $80 million dollars worth of Initial Exchange Offerings. Here is what he has learned.

Zest.Fund Bridges Gap Between Cryptocurrency and Venture Capital

Since the creation of blockchain about ten years ago the cryptocurrency landscape has seen an almost awe-inspiring amount of use cases and developments. Recently, tokenized assets (usually belonging to the Ethereum network) have become all the rage. Gold, real estate,…

Blockchange: Crypto Investing at the Speed of Change

The cryptocurrency market is infamous for its volatility.  In December 2017, many cryptocurrencies saw their “daily percent growth” [wtv the industry term is for this] in the triple digits.  The regulatory environment is still taking shape in many countries.  When…