This Entrepreneur Built A Successful Marketing Agency, Music Career and Clothing Company All At The Same Time

Born and raised in Watkins, Minnesota, Dean Stewart (aka Dean Wethers) began taking an interest in music at the age of 11. He began making cover songs of other artists which lead to eventually writing his own lyrics and original music. Stewart has formed a huge presence on social media and has attracted an exponential amount of people to hear his music. His first single, the sad and heart-broke hip hop track “Hungry Like A Wolf,” Arrived in early 2016, Followed a few months later by the single “Invisible.” Dean at age 18 also created his own organic Instagram growth company in efforts to help other artists and businesses thrive online. At age 20, Dean founded a clothing line “College Dropout” and co-founded another named “Dapper Luxe.”


Tell me about College Dropout how did you come up with this idea?

Dean Stewart: I came up with the brand name for my clothing line “College Dropout” because I never believed in the school system and am completely self-taught and also newly working with mentors to better myself even further. It’s a rebellious brand and for entrepreneurs and self-made individuals alike that have made success for themselves without attending college or also dropping out of school.

How have you been able to grow your business?

Dean Stewart: I scaled my social media through my SMMA called “DwGrowth”. This allows me to reach my target audience and attract engaged active people to convert into sales. I’ve been able to help numerous others with this as well.


What are some secrets to building a big social media following?

Dean Stewart: Be active and engaged with your audience! No one likes to feel like they aren’t acknowledged. The more active you are and engaged with your followers, the more they will continue to engage with your content. Another great method to scaling your following is to utilize influencers that will shout-out your page on their story or their feed. The last thing I recommend Is learning and studying how to run and manage Facebook ads. These are essential to scaling your business online!


Teach us something we don’t know about social media, marketing, music, building a clothing company etc.?

Dean Stewart: Social media is the future! It’s only becoming a bigger and bigger market each and every day meaning you’re able to reach more people in your target audience. This allows you to grow your business and page online easier and more efficiently. Facebook ads are the secret to success!

What are some of the best books you have read?

Dean Stewart: How to win friends and influence people, Rich dad poor dad, and Think and Grow Rich.

Where do you see yourself in a couple years/what’s your dream?

Dean Stewart: I want to tour the US and Europe with my music career. I also want to scale my clothing brand globally to the point where I’m able to focus directly on my music while my other businesses fund my musical talents.

Who have been your biggest influences and why?

Dean Stewart: Eminem, He’s a huge influence on my musical career. Grant Cardone & Tai Lopez, They’re very knowledgeable in the marketing industry!

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