Trey Ketcham on how to set yourself apart from the crowd

Trey Ketcham is an entrepreneur who founded his own sales and marketing business called Peak Performance Development. His company is a dedicated affiliate of CUTCO, the world’s finest cutlery. The products are American Made and Forever Guaranteed. Their representatives are a varied and fun-loving group of talented individuals who embody excellence and share a passion for personal and professional development. Peak Performance is constantly looking for new young talent and whether a student works with them in a management capacity or just develops entry level skills to excel their future career, they know they are building skills for life. 


Trey Ketcham and his team set themselves apart from the competition by daily disciplines, remaining hubble and never satisfied, but always appreciative. Trey has many goals for himself and the determination to reach them by never being comfortable with the place he is at by always pushing himself to grow more. With Trey’s creative mind and knowledge of the industry, there is no limit on the success he can achieve. 


Trey’s advice for those trying to start their own business is to grind and work hard to make progress towards your goals every single day. He continues to say “Help people! You have to view your mission as serving your customers and the brand in order to be a leader of either. Be resolute with your standards/ goals but patient with the time it takes to get there. Take time to make it fun- for me, winning is fun and competing is fun!” Each entrepreneur has a different definition of success, what it means to them, and what they have been working towards. To Trey Ketcham, success means being the best version of himself in all aspects of his life along with being a great husband, father, leader and friend. 


Trey Ketcham decided to start his own business at the age of 22 because he wanted to be in control of his own destiny. His father tragically passed when he was 19 years old and the advice his father once gave him was to never work for anyone but yourself because that is where the real opportunity and job security lies. Trey has worked so hard to make his father’s advice and hopes for him come true, which he has done a remarkable job of. 


When being asked the importance of mindset when it comes to starting your own business, Trey replied with “Critical, your mindset is both your greatest asset and biggest liability. You have to tend it daily just like you would a garden. Planting seeds of growth and yanking weeds of negativity and doubt from your mind.” Trey Ketcham and his team’s motto is “No Excuses, play like a Champion!”  Trey starts every morning at 5 am which allows him to attack life with passion and intensity to make the most of every day by evaluating the different aspects of his life and putting time into what he loves. 

As for what is next for Trey Ketcham he will continue working towards building a dynasty, he is looking to promote 5 division managers within his company, and creating an investment empire to take care of his family for the next several generations. Trey keeps his main goal to always help people and serve his customers first with a great respect for everyone’s time. To follow along with Trey and his future endeavors, click here

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