Vick Tipnes of Blackstone Medical Services Is The Entrepreneur To Look Up To

At what age do we reach our most significant potential? The answers lie more on how we use the time that is lent to us. In fact, we are given the same amount of time every day, and what differentiates us from each other is how we use that time well. 

Vick Tipnes is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, founder, and CEO of Blackstone Medical Services. Today, Blackstone is a national company that serves in over 50 states in the US. They are an in-network provider with all the major insurances – providing an excellent level of service to patients, physicians, and insurance providers.

It took a lot of sacrifices, hard work, and perseverance for Tipnes to reach where he is now. Like every entrepreneur that you look up to today, he, too, has an inspiring story to be told. Vick Tipnes was born in London, England. Then, his family decided to move to Florida when he was still young. Unlike others who found their passion when they were old, Vick already knew what he wanted to do even when he was still a little kid. He always knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur. At the age of 12 years old, he asked his father if he would invest in a business if ever he would find one. It was a spark of courage and determination, which then rippled to more productive outcomes later on in his life.

In his youth, his parents pushed him for formal education, but Tipnes knew that it was a path that is not for him. As he tried for college, he then realized after six months that he was meant to do other things, he then decided to drop out and carve his own path.

It wasn’t an overnight success. Tipnes was aware that in order to make it, he has to learn the necessary skills to become a good salesman. It was a test of his endurance, outside of his comfort zone and his willingness in the path to entrepreneurship. Following the learning of the business, he then becomes the salesman of the month in his days of selling cars. The experience gave him the motivation and confidence to push and work hard for better and bigger things.

At 35 years old, he realized that to arrive at the destination that he has set for himself, he has to invest in himself genuinely. He took concrete action, educated himself, and spent every dollar he had left just to equip himself with the necessary skills he needed to succeed. He didn’t have enough at that time, not enough money nor enough resources, but the belief in himself is more than enough to push him further towards his goals.

Back in 2012, he started Blackstone with the intention to help as many people as he can, through better cost, better access, and better quality service. He started his business in his kitchen, without revenue, only one employee, and a loan from an investor.

Tipnes is aware that as an entrepreneur, holding value to your employees is crucial. He knew the fact that sometimes, there are days when he’s not paid himself, but at the back of his mind, he believed that all his hard work and sacrifices would eventually pay off. 

To this day, they have over 150 employees in the company. They are valued over 50 million dollars and have grown into a national company that services all 50 states. They have contracted with over 17 million lives through several Insurance Providers, providing an excellent service to patients, physicians, and insurance providers. Every ounce of hard work that Tipnes has put in has eventually paid off. 

Now, he is dedicated to helping those young and aspiring entrepreneurs to find their way towards success, just like he did.

Follow Vick Tipnes’s journey through Instagram @vicktipnes, or you can visit his website through

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