You Can’t Miss Trust’N and BKWDS New Collab EP “Lapse”

It’s been a good week for Hip Hop.

Just last week, Wisconsin natives Trust’N and BKWDS released an impressive EP titled “Lapse”. After listening to the album, there’s no question that the new collaboration is sure to get everyone vibin this summer. 

It’s no secret that when you think about Hip Hop, Madison, Wisconsin might not be the first place you think of. However, it’s thanks to artists such as Trust’N and BKWDS that things are beginning to change.

Trust’N (21 years old) and BKWDS (16 years old) aren’t your regular artists. The two of them grew up listening to Hip Hop, until one day they felt compelled to make music themselves. The duo, which met through a mutual friend while making music, ended up developing a strong partnership.

“We both grew up wanting to be in the music industry somehow. I think that our love for music made us develop this friendship that eventually turned into a business venture. We have always been fascinated with an artist’s ability to create music that resonates with people and we wanted to be able to do that as well.” Said Trust’N.

The 6 song EP, which lasts almost 20 minutes, features each artist’s unique and tasteful sound. And when combined together, it creates a recipe that’s worth listening to on repeat. 

The project mixes catchy hooks and heartbreak melodies. Not only is the album as a whole impressive but with the duo’s powerful lyrics throughout the EP, it’s clear that both independently and together they make an impressive duo. Clever song titles such as Heartbreak Soldier, Lapse, and Golden Boy take you through a journey of life’s day to day struggles.

The album’s cover, which includes drawings of both Trust’N and BKWDS, compliments their style and creativity.

“One of my favorite parts of this EP is that both Trust’N and I are telling real life stories that all of us have gone through at one point of our lives,” Said BKWDS.

Marc Sharp (BWKDS) is currently a junior at Madison Memorial high school and Christian Anderson (Trust’N) is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse. Both artists are full time students while also being full time recording artists.

Since it’s release date, the EP continues to grow in popularity. And if Lapse gives us any indication where Hip Hop is going; then it sure looks like we’ll be in good hands.

Listen to the full EP, here.

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