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Strong Demand Helps Islamic Wealth Management Retain Resiliency

Religion is often a controversial topic. Historically, religion has sparked wars, divided nations, and catalyzed suppression amongst several demographics of people. Today, religion remains in the spotlight as controversial especially for Muslims…

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Choosing The Right Proctoring Service Provider

Proctoring is now becoming an important part of every educational institution. It is a way to conduct online exams in a secure and cheating free manner. In the time of the pandemic,…

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Spice Wing CEO Khushal Patel Extending Franchise Opportunities as Brand Continues Growth Despite Pandemic

Leading chicken wing brand Spice Wing is pleased to announce new franchise opportunities for its upcoming locations this year. Despite the current troubling times, the company has continued to grow and is offering an…

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Contribute to Future Sharks ๐ŸŒŠ

When we launched Future Sharksย we envisioned it to be a place where entrepreneurs could find useful information regarding starting a business, growing social media accounts, and reading about the stories behind the…

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Everyone wishes to be successful, but not many put in the effort to be successful. Lotanna Ezeike is not one of those people. The 23-year-old Londoner spent his days and nights working…


Quickbooks Vs. NetSuite- A Comprehensive Comparison And Review

One of the critical factors that directly influence your businessโ€™ success is how you handle your financial management. There is, at times, an overwhelming amount of decisions that have to be made…

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Staying Grounded After Success — Being Charitable With Yad Senapathy of PMTI

No matter how successful you become in life, if you grow up from humble beginnings it sticks with you. Experiencing struggles early in life is a foundation that keeps you humble and…

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How This Business Genius Kevin Suter is Helping Companies Strategize This COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented several challenges to businesses, both profits and nonprofits. Enterprises have had to transition to remote working due to lock down and social distance measures. Business operations are…

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How It All Began for Colorful and Popular Instagram Fashion Influencer Lena

If you havenโ€™t already seen her, Lena is an extraordinary Instagram fashion influencer who loves boldness in her fashion style. Itโ€™s common to see her wearing vibrant and cheerful hues that create…

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Food Blogger Charisse Yu Makes Incredibly Popular and Unique Videos That Make You Hungry for More

Charisse Yu is a former TV reporter turned food blogger who has struck gold by delivering unique videos showcasing her delicious recipes. Her stop motion style has become something her loyal fans…

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