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Jourdain is CEO and Co-Founder of Beast Media a Branding, Marketing & PR Agency. Beast Media works with Professional Athletes, Music Artists, Small Businesses, and Entrepreneurs that are making a difference or impact on the world or their industry get their message out through Personal Branding, Marketing, PR and Advertising. Jourdain also serves as the PR & Social Strategist at Influencer Press, a PR firm that gets Influencers on Major Publications like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Business Insider and more.

How This 22-Year-Old went from Former 7-Figure Corporate Brander to turning his company Digilism Into a Millennial Ran Creative Solutions Company

Christian Maldonado took his 5-figure a month business, fired his staff, eliminated processes, and reinvested all the revenue back into the business to fund its new direction. What’s your backstory? Christian Maldonado: I am a 22-year-old entrepreneur, who recently graduated…

America’s Adversity Coach Monti Washington Gives Advice On Staying Motivated During The Hard Times

Meet Monti Washington also known as Montivation. As a TOP Motivational Speaker, Monti has been recognized as “America’s Adversity Coach” He comes in and shows students how they can achieve, overcome, and turn obstacles on campus into real life success.…