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Jourdain Bell is an entrepreneur, writer and Co-founder of Beast Media Agency where he focuses on helping Influencers and Entrepreneurs get their message out through Personal Branding and PR. He also works for one of the most active Venture Capital Firms in the world, Alumni Venture Group. Jourdain sleeps, eats, and breathes entrepreneurship. He started selling Candy and electronics in high school, then joined a start-up in college that he helped grow from $20k to $130k a month in just 8 months. Now he shares both his and others expertise about business and entrepreneurship on sites such as Influencive, Future Sharks, Kivo Daily, Disrupt and more!

24-Year-Old Visual Artist Giovanni Contardi Shares Advice On How To Take Your Branding To The Next Level

Meet 24-year-old Giovanni Contardi is a visual Artist from Italy who’s officially represented by Gallery 104 in New York. He’s known for creating portraits using hundreds of Rubik’s cubes (roughly 700) using each single piece of the cube as a pixel to create an…

This Entrepreneur Built A Successful Marketing Agency, Music Career and Clothing Company All At The Same Time

Born and raised in Watkins, Minnesota, Dean Stewart (aka Dean Wethers) began taking an interest in music at the age of 11. He began making cover songs of other artists which lead to eventually writing his own lyrics and original music.…

America’s Adversity Coach Monti Washington Gives Advice On Staying Motivated During The Hard Times

Meet Monti Washington also known as Montivation. As a TOP Motivational Speaker, Monti has been recognized as “America’s Adversity Coach” He comes in and shows students how they can achieve, overcome, and turn obstacles on campus into real life success.…