Audrey Zack
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Audrey Zack, Marketing Manager at Mobicommerce. She writes about anything and everything that makes modern ecommerce mobile apps, web apps and websites possible. Passionate about coding in any language including Magento, Swift, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Android & iOS dev, not excluding CSS/HTML.

Google SEO or Customers, for Whom Shall I Consider PWAs?

There are two types of customers; one who shop from websites only, thinking why to download an app and put a load on mobile and others who find mobile apps easy and convenient to shop. Even though shopping such is…

Switching from a Single Vendor eCommerce Store to a Multi-Vendor Marketplace, a Better Idea or Bad?

Marketplaces are evolving. The age-old tradition of buying and selling which involves bargaining, paperwork and other headaches, is now slowly getting digitalized, making it easier for both buyers and sellers to get what they want at their comfort. When we…