Hina Ilyas
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Hina is a digital media professional, and growth hacker always cheering for agile workspaces and digital skill building. Her experience spans more than seven years in facilitating local and international start-ups to uplift their brands through content marketing and communication. Through her mentorship and training affiliations, she also helps aspiring freelancers kick start their freelance journeys. Her Facebook community “The virtual nut” brings together tech enthusiasts to share insights about online productivity and remote work assistance. Boundaryless workspaces, equal online earning opportunities, sustainable living, and animal rights are the causes she truly cares about.You can reach out to her at https://linktr.ee/hinailyas

My Observations About AI Writing: Will It Really Replace Human Writers?

I’d be honest! AI writing is the talk of the town and it made me frown a couple of times because, for a professional writer, it appears to be an unsettling thought that the binary heads will do the job…