What product to start a new business

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Are you passionate to become entrepreneur !! 

Now a days many young students want to become entrepreneur, but same question they have what is the product with which they start business?

If you look around, we have million opportunities knocking us, but only passionate person having vision can grab them.

Recently I met one guy in my city, who own one car battery shop in market. After asking him about business growth, he replied, it was slowing down as compare to his father was doing in their era.

He was sitting on chair in his own shop, waiting for customers to come and purchase batteries. I suggested why don’t you reach to customer rather to wait for them. Carry spare battery along with and deliver to customer end, help them to fit in car, they would love it that door step service. It was only suggestion but then he took as a challenge, either to sit in shop chair or door step service. Doing second option doesn’t harm his business. He started working on it, after 3 month, he came to me along with some sweets and was happy. He said almost 40% sales increased during 3 months because of my suggestion. He put 2 technician on job. I’m sure he will double his business in couple of months.

What I learn from above, now a day’s people want immediate service for all their need, whether it’s vehicle parts, personal things, school stationary, clothes, and many more. Just we need to find what is required regularly, you can put your efforts and start business… so what’re you thinking ??

Make a survey around you and become entrepreneur. What you ask about product, when you have lot things floating around you.

Happy Entrepreneurship!!!

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